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About Us

Aloha! Join us as we guide you to an amazing paddling destination – historic Kealakekua Bay!

We make it easy by meeting you at the bay with all the kayak and snorkeling gear you’ll need then we provide an introduction into kayaking basics for those who are new to the activity. You’ll enjoy the most protected and easiest launch location in the area and our guides will assist you in a safe entry and launch of your kayak.

After a short and very enjoyable paddle across this beautiful and protected bay, you land your kayaks with State landing permits, avoiding the difficult task of pulling kayaks behind you when snorkeling and reentering the kayak from the ocean in deep water, as those who don’t have landing permits. You will enjoy exploring this amazing underwater garden of tropical fish, coral gardens, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, green sea turtles & in winter – humpback whales. This is a world class kayaking destination and the snorkeling is arguably the best in all the Hawaiian islands! And it’s why this is for many visitors their favorite activity while visiting the islands.

The history is equally interesting in this special place both for Hawaiian culture and the first contact with the western world. Walk the path of Hawaiian Royalty and world renowned circumnavigator & explorer Captain James Cook of the Royal Navy & visit the historic site of Ka`awaloa village the birthplace and home of Hawaiian Royalty. Join us and see for yourself why people love Kealakekua Bay!